June 5, 2013

Two New Plans: Brickhouse and Paleo

Soo....I've started a new adventure in health and fitness that I'm super excited about.

WW update

I've been doing ok with Weight Watchers. I lost about 12 pounds but hit a bit of a plateau the last 2 weeks. Since my subscription is up in a few days, I decided not to re-subscribe; I kind of have an idea of the points values of most foods and I feel like having that knowledge in my back pocket will help me continue to make smarter choices without having to use (and pay for) the actual WW program. For now, I'm bidding my farewell to J-Hud; good luck with that girl!


Since the last time we saw each other, I started at a new gym that is conveniently right down the street from where I live. Proximity is a huge factor for me or else I will find any excuse to skip the gym. Brickhouse Cardio Club is located on 5th Ave and it provides the fitness classes that I've been missing since my OU days when I had access to free classes! (Step classes and bootcamp were my JAM.) Brickhouse has most definitely answered my prayers in that area. Classes include bodypump, turbokick, INSANITY, and Zumba. Annndd I'm kind of obsessed. I've done bodypump in the past and it's a great full-body strength workout that I'm very happy to have back in my life on the regular. Most people are familiar with Zumba (it's not my fave) but I never heard of Turbokick before joining Brickhouse. It's a 60 minute strength/cardio class that is incredibly fun, energetic and motivating! After my first class, I was sore all over and I love that because it makes me feel like I got in a high-quality workout. I just did INSANITY for the first time last night and, I have to admit, I was a little (a LOT) scared going in to it because I've heard some horror stories. I finally bit the bullet mostly because it's in a class setting and not on the TV. I really enjoyed it and, honestly, didn't think it was like the hardest thing I've ever done. Admittedly, I could have pushed harder but since I didn't know what to expect, I didn't want to go balls to the wall at the beginning and then run out of steam before the end of the workout. I'm excited to go back and push myself even more. I'll let you know how I feel after that one.

Of course, I'm still running but it is so nice to have options for when I don't really feel like it. Cross-training FTW!

Biggest Loser Challenge

Brickhouse has fitness studios all across the US that are participating in a Biggest Loser challenge. A winner from each Brickhouse franchise will receive $25 and the overall winner gets $250. Honestly, I don't care that much about the money OR winning; I feel like losing any weight during the 8 week challenge is a win in my book! Our awesome owner/instructor Christi set up additional challenges just for our gym that I am more excited about winning than anything else.

For the national challenge, each participant must attend a class at least three times a week and weigh in every 2 weeks. Christi offered our club different meal plan options to purchase which I jumped all over. If you're a regular reader, you know food is my worst enemy. I bought an optional two-month supply of Shakeology from her and, since I did that, Christi is providing me with meal plans for the duration of the challenge. She follows and promotes the paleo diet. I've heard TONS about this type of eating lifestyle, mostly from the healthy living blogs I follow, but have always shied away from anything that requires cutting out carbs. I feel like it's ingrained in me that since I do so much cardio, I need carbs. But at this point, I'll pretty much try anything and since it's only for 8 weeks, if I hate it, I can go back to my normal eating habits when it's over. So far, I've been pleasantly surprised with how easy it has been to cut out carbs. I'm still eating sweet potatoes and fruit like it's my job and I still allow myself a little bit of dairy- I'm not that hardcore- but, as of today, which is day 3 (only 53 to go! hah) I'm not dying of hunger and I don't feel fatigued throughout the day and during my workouts. We started the Biggest Loser challenge on Monday and we end on July 20. If it goes well, I'm planning on continuing it until Jess and Alex's wedding on August 10. If it doesn't, I'm going to say F it and eat whatever the hell I want. Pretty good plan I'd say.

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  1. It's all about finding something you enjoy and changing it up from time to time.