June 3, 2011

A sweater made out of sweat?

Holy cow! I am so overwhelmed with the positive responses I've gotten already on this baby! I'm a little embarrassed about doing this whole thing because, let's be honest, who really cares what I have to say? But it's nice to know someone (or, from the looks of it, a few someones!) is reading this. So THANK YOU!

Now, I got all excited about sharing my back story that I didn't really explain what the title of my blog, "The Salty Sweater" means. No, it doesn't mean I have (or want) a sweater made of sweat. Ew. Apparently, I sweat a lot. I didn't think it was more than other people, but I've come to realize it is hah Gross I know. Not only do I sweat, but it is reallllly salty. Like, when I'm done working out, you can literally see salt on my face and clothing. According to wikipedia, Michael Scott's favorite source, I guess some people are saltier than others. I was thinking for a long time about what to name this lil guy, and after trying lots of things that started with "L", to go with Laine, the name of the blog just popped into my head. So now you know.

First Annual GVBC 2010
I am SO EXCITED for this weekend! My roomie and I planned the second annual German Village bar crawl. Our friend Erin from college is coming to town with her husband Tom and a lot of other people are coming that we don't see on the regular. Bonus, the weather is supposed to be perfection!

Even though I'm totally pumped to enjoy the weather and the company, weekends are usually my weakness. I'm getting really good at sticking to my diet (most) Sundays-Thursdays, but Fridays and Saturdays are another thing. Since I'm an all-or-nothing gal, I tend to go a little overboard when I've let down my guard. As in, I'll eat one piece of pizza, and then another, and then another...until the whole large pizza is gone. I've been working very hard on NOT doing that, but I still slip as I'm only human, and then it's like all that hard work during the week is out the window. I've been doing better at this, but it's something I'm going to really focus on this weekend. I'm also going to focus on not feeling guilty if I do slip up. One of my new mantras is, "yesterday is over, today is a new day." Try it with me :) I hope you all enjoy your weekend and the fab weather!

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