August 3, 2011

smitten with smoothies

Go Bucks!
Hello there world! I can't believe it's August! I'm SO ready for fall. Why, you ask? Fall is pretty much the best season ever for the following reasons: my birthday (a.k.a the best day of the year), football, tailgating, falling leaves, hoodies, open windows and pumpkin-flavored everything.

Even though I love the fall and am very excited for it to arrive, I have to admit that I will miss my almost daily smoothies that I enjoy so much in the hot summer months. It's the perfect treat before/after a run or any time I'm not starving but still need something in my belly. Smoothies are so versatile too; it's impossible to get bored because you can put pretty much anything in them! There are a few staple items each smoothie needs but after that, the possibilities are endless!

All smoothies must have some sort of liquid such as juice or milk. I prefer unsweetened vanilla almond milk. For a thicker smoothie, any flavor of yogurt can be added, however I usually don't have yogurt in mine and they still turn out pretty thick depending on how much frozen fruit I put in it. It also may need some sort of sweetener, like honey or peanut butter (for an extra protein boost.) From there, you can add any type of fruit you have on hand. I like to use frozen fruit; I just buy a big bag in the freezer section or freeze a banana to throw in there, but you can use fresh fruit if you'd like. If you do that, I suggest adding some ice cubes to the blender to make that sucker cold.

I've been adding one-two handfuls of spinach to my smoothies lately; it sounds weird but I swear you can't even taste it! It adds extra nutrients and makes it a nice green color :) I've also been adding a scoop of vanilla protein powder because I am obsessed with the flavor of my vanilla protein powder. It is a-mazing.

What are some of your favorite smoothie flavors?

 Happy blending!


  1. Too weird. I use almond milk with a banana and frozen strawberries. I have one every morning and sometimes as a snack. The magic bullet is the best! Love you and you go girl!


  2. I loooove my smoothies too! My favorite includes: frozen strawberries, rasperries and a touch of blueberries with low fat milk and chocolate protein powder. If I'm feeling extra chocolatey, I'll add a pinch or two of cocoa powder. DELICIOUS!